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Katti Batti (2015)

Katti Batti (2015)

Imran KhanKangana RanautSuhaas AhujaVivan Bhatena
Nikkhil Advani


Katti Batti (2015) is a Hindi movie. Nikkhil Advani has directed this movie. Imran Khan,Kangana Ranaut,Suhaas Ahuja,Vivan Bhatena are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Katti Batti (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Katti Batti is an anti-love story starring Imran Khan as Madhav Kabra (Maddy) & Kangana Ranaut as Payal. Maddy is an architect who is in love with Payal because of her attitude towards life. The story revolves around Maddy & Payal's live-in relationship for 5 years until a sudden turn of events when Payal leaves Maddy mid-way!


Katti Batti (2015) Reviews

  • Back to Back junks from Nikhil Advani in two weeks.


    KATTI BATTI - Nikhil Advani debuted in Bollywood under Karan Johar with one of my most favorite movie Kal Ho Na Ho. Then he goes on making 3-4 just average movies . Then he made a gripping thriller D- DAY , then he again goes to the mode of making below average films. This time its back to back in two weeks. Although i haven't seen last week's HERO but its response and its current IMDb rating (4/10) pretty much makes it clear that its a bad film. Same goes for Katti Batti. If you have seen the Hollywood flick 500 Days of Summer (which is actually a great romantic film) from which the whole concept of Katti Batti (except the last 20min twist) has been inspired and If you have seen Sweet November (which although not a great film but is better then Katti Batti) from which the last 20 min twist has been copied (oops it was a spoiler), then there left nothing for you in this flick. I cant understand that , is our writers are so bad that when they mix a great Hollywood movie with an above average Hollywood movie the result is actually a below average Bollywood movie. And Kangna Ranawat was so badly wasted , we didn't even get any long scenes of her to look into her acting until the last 20mins. Its not her fault that her character has not given that space and time so she can show her caliber , but its totally her fault that she selected this movie for herself. I don't want to start about Imran Khan . He is portraying the same character again and again (Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu , Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and now this) still he is not getting better in this. I don't even want to remember how bad he act when he does something else. Supporting cast are not interesting enough to discuss either. Editing of the movie was bad. The juggling between the scenes were confusing. When ever Imran starts to think about the past , after the past scene end we always found him in a new place not where he started remembering the past. So we have to remember every time where exactly the present scene was left. Direction was bad too , scenes don't have the finishing touch , were done half heartedly. Its like Nikhil was busy making too films together (Hero and Katti Batti) so he didn't gave his concentration to either of them. I must say like this Nikhil Advani will never able to make his own place in Bollywood. Shockingly songs are also forced in the movie. Infect just before the twist there was a song Jaago Mohan Pyaare which feels like director was ringing alarm for the persons who slept while watching the film. And after all of this boring flick when the twist came to tackle you , you were already so bored that no twist can make you bring your interest back.. Nikhil we want more Kal Ho Na Ho and D Days , not Hero or Katti Batti. Please don't be so desperate in making movies. 5.3/10. By ANuP APu KuMaM.

  • Boring Than A Moral Science Lecture. ♦ Grade D-


    Love stories often don't work when the people involved in them are ignorant as heck. Katti Batti tries to literally adapt one such story and on the way goes on to define absurdity. Most words and phrases used in this review are selected from the film's idiotic dialogs so that you get a better idea as to what to expect. For most of the part, a peppy, hip girl named Payal (Ranaut) who is a wandering rebel born to Page 3 celebrities who decided to go all the way on the backseat of a car during a drunken brawl, and who has more than 2500 friends on Facebook is brutally skirt-chased by a baby- faced Maddy (Khan) who makes pursuing architecture look like a short week of R&R, who has just about 500 friends on Facebook including 350 fake profiles that he does't know about, and who has an annoying sister. There is no conviction in the story as it adopts a fair non-linear screenplay. An introduction to the so-called quirky characters using a hand-held shot sequence is all there is to relish in the first half. The screenplay looks like it has been stitched together using a defunct sewing machine by a one-legged tailor with retina inflammation. There is humor if you look for it, but the slapstick is so bad my senses now have finally learned to smile at Kapil Sharma's jokes. Love is fine, relationships are fine, even breakups are fine, but you don't want to shell out money to watch grown ups behave like kids, now do you? One should blame the dodgy story for its construction and unbelievability factor for all we see is a mopey boyfriend and a courageous girlfriend who does not like being called a girlfriend. So lets call her a girlfriend just to annoy her. Ranaut is an active participant in the drama while her co-actor is just a bystander. Since you all have given her the license, she overacts a bit too much in the sequences that required silence. All other characters are running behind our male protag so that he can forget about this "girlfriend" who dumped him without a reason. And the reason for the breakup is stupid, considering we are in 2015, when you know it. All said and done, the film is surely high on creativity, but is highly low on cake on which this creativity should have been the icing. BOTTOM LINE: With a turtle called Milkha (the irony!), Nikhil Advani's Katti Batti is what you get when you take relationships too seriously and literally and make a film about it. Wait for DVD; but buy only when its price goes down to INR 49 on Amazon. And why not use the Mobikwik cashback offer on it? Grade: D- Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

  • Katti Batti is a romantic comedy which follows on & off relationship between Maddy and Payal.


    Lame!! Confusing!! Catastrophe!! The most confused director i have ever observed. He has placed himself at the helm of a sinking ship relying on such confusing plot, an unconvincing romance between co-stars.It was a tormenting journey throughout the movie and felt many times that it could have been ended right there. You want plot? Katti Batti is a very bad combination of 500 days of summer, sweet November,Striken and a few i don't remember.You will feel many times puzzled if i am watching the same movie.One of the most lame romantic movie of the year. My advice, if you are expecting a good Rom com movie by watching its trailer then don't go for it. It is boring, slack and stupid at many times. Avoid giving yourself a tormenting 135 minutes experience.

  • Confused creative stuff


    Only thing I want to appreciate is the promo making team, who juiced up all the good stuff in promo that rest remained tasteless and baseless. Surprisingly first creative film making team must have thought about climax then, hurriedly and illogically started journey to find it's beginning but fails badly in it. There is nothing in name of story except pushed emotional climax, which makes you laugh instead of cry. Yes, if they have come up with good scenes then this climax could have been worked a bit but alias what could they have done with black comedy expert main male lead, which can evoke laughter in any emotional scene as it is cake walk for him. Screenplay succeeds completely to create confusing characters, irritating comedy and non relating emotional scenes. Script tries hard to give you the feeling that lead couple should be together but after few minutes you pray that they shouldn't. What is the irony of script!! Film starts with some amateur shooting video but it is most amateurish and long that you get the first bitter taste of remaining dish in few minutes only. How they break characters, in a scene they show a businessman is of tainted character but what was the need of showing him! Yes, he was the father of opponent but then why! Just because you felt the way of showing it very smart. They show taxi's both window half open and then male lead closing it. I didn't get what intelligence was behind it! Boy running behind car of girl, this shot is obsolete in today's cinema. Tortoise emotional angle is just flat, somehow you feel sympathy for tortoise but not for couple. Pre climax sequence of boat chasing in pond is most irritating. Performance wise, one can dare to cast Imran Khan if film has any emotional angle. He is as unbalanced as much he could have been. Kangana Ranaut looks complete reluctant. She is very average with a peculiar hair style. #MithilaParkar as Komal, younger sister is very good. She is completely balanced. Music by Shankar Ehassan Loy have tracks "Lip To Lip De Kissiyan" , Sau Aansu Roye Do Ankhiyan" and " Ishaq Da Rutba", which are good.

  • Don't forget your Ear plugs and Eye mask.


    Not everyone has the option of avoiding these type of movies. Some of us are unwillingly dragged to such horror shows by family and friends. If you are one of them I strongly suggest that you keep ear-plugs and an eye mask handy. I have unfortunately seen Krazzy 4 and if I could I would undo watching this abomination and watch Krazzy 4 again. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to take your own life. Everything about the movie is an insult to movie-making and intelligence. Everyone associated with the movie deserves to be locked away in a dark dungeon and the keys thrown away so that they cannot unleash another monstrosity on unsuspecting moviegoers. The plot or rather the lack of it is something that would put Chandrakanta to shame. Geeky Imran Khan falls in love with annoying prick Kangana Ranaut. In the parallel universe where Nikhil Advani lives the types of Imran Khan are the ones identified as geeks. He probably opened the dictionary for the first time in his life and read, wearing glasses = geek. So the next time someone calls you a geek rejoice coz it means that you are as good looking as Imran Khan. Imran Khan as usual spends a lot of his time running through the Airport. It must be so easy writing a script for Imran Khan. The writer probably writes the climax scene first, Imran Khan is running through the airport...The End. Nikhil Advani and the other clown who co-wrote the movie undoubtedly wrote the entire script on a single piece of paper. This is how it probably went, there is Imran Khan , there is Kangana Ranaut, there is a Turtle, the End. Looking for positives in the movie would be like looking at the bright side of having AIDS. There are a couple of good songs in the movie if that matters. There is a good Sufi track towards the end but even here the director leaves no stone unturned to ruin it. The male playback singer who has a very good voice ,apt for the track is followed by a female singer who sounds like someone shoved a whistle down her throat. I have read a lot of reviews that the director was somehow drawing inspiration from the Joseph Gordon Levitt-Zoey Deschanel starrer 500 days of summer. 500 days of Summer was a very toned down movie about the relationship between a girl afraid of commitment and a boy madly in love with her. Katti batti is so over the top with everything that it was probably the inspiration for all the fight scenes in MSG. If you are on of those rare people who for reasons unknown enjoyed the movie then you need to get yourself a thorough medical examination. Kangana Ranaut has undone all the good work that she did in Queen and TWMR by deciding to act in this farce. I wish I had one of those memory erasing pen type thingy that they used in MIB so that I can delete this movie forever from memory. Unfortunately everything about the movie is so loud that I could not even sleep in the theatre even though I tried and trust me I tried really hard. For a so called comedy there is not one funny scene in the entire movie. I now think that there is a highly secretive organization whose purpose is to mentally torture people and the director is a part of that society. This movie has probably now elevated him to head of the society. I was misfortunate enough to watch the movie on the 2nd day post release and the theatre was almost completely empty thereby reaffirming my faith in moviegoers. Now I understand why movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan end up being such mega hits. For Indian moviegoers it's either BB or KB. Every actor associated with the movie including Kangana should retire from acting with immediate effect for being a part of this mind numbing experience. Nikhil Advani should now take a long hiatus from directing. He can then learn the trade better and probably make a comeback when the years begin with the number 3.


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