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Maroon (2017)

Maroon (2017)

Devyani CmManav KaulSaurabh SachdevaSarika Singh


Maroon (2017) is a Hindi movie. Pulkit has directed this movie. Devyani Cm,Manav Kaul,Saurabh Sachdeva,Sarika Singh are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Maroon (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

What will you do if you are left unwanted by someone you dearly love? It feels like being in a deserted island, which was once your beautiful abode, now covered with carnivorous hedges pricking and luring. Colour of the sky at sunset is not soothing anymore but seems like covered in blood, rustling of leave is not peaceful but an indication of someone coming to chain you, the sand is no more soft and relaxing but a quicksand pulling you down and the chirping of birds becomes a screech of an eagle. You are no more yourself but a stranger you detest. How can you reason out what has happened to you and rationalize to live with it? Why will you remain in the social boundaries and accept the way of life after being torn apart. Maroon is a story of a man, creative writing professor in a university in Dehradun, betrayed by his loving wife, a music teacher in a school, struggles to live in humiliation. His deep pain makes him take a masochistic step which results in deep guilt and fear. In ...


Maroon (2017) Reviews

  • Copy of Chasing Sleep


    So, I saw this movie not knowing it's a copy of the 2000/2001 Hollywood movie 'Chasing Sleep'. My reaction after watching this movie was: hmm...OK...something to think about here. After doing some very basic digging I got to know this movie is a rip off the above mentioned movie. Now, Bollywood has always been 'inspired' by Hollywood from as far back as I can remember. But trying to pass this nonsense off in this day and age... seriously? The director/writer claims this is an original story...it is not! He's given interviews saying this is 'his idea'. He has literally copied scenes from the English one. Really sad that all that effort that went into making the movie is wasted because of this blatant plagiarism

  • Like Hitchcock and Polanski on a low budget...


    One can compare this neat little psychological thriller to Polanski's earlier works, Repulsion (1965) and The Tenant (1976), where the protagonist is confined within the walls of their home and slowly deteriorate into their own madness! Throw in a bit of Hitchcock and you got this fine chilling creative piece from the most unassuming country to have made it, India. India has been going through some amazing changes, creating neo-realism works as well as popular genres but without the Bollywood. The previous night I viewed the brilliant, MASAAN, a fascinating drama. After that I became interested in current Indian cinema and came across this little gem where first time director, Pulkit, has created an intense and abstract thriller. Performances are top notch, proving that this country can do one better than Hollywood. The technical aspect is spot-on and effective, with the cinematography capturing the mood perfectly. The dramatic and chilling music is wonderfully over the top, working wonders with your nerves. And the intense story-line has elements of abstract that leave you guessing, even till the very unanswered end.

  • Copy Copy Copy.. N times Copy of "Chasing Sleep"


    Shame on you guys. Please dont waste our and your own time to copy paste the things. Please make real stories instead. And if you are not able or not capable of making new things then please give credit to the guys who has done original movie with their pure hardword and efforts. How can you take credit of someone elses hardwork. I would have given zero star if possible.

  • Good for Anorexics


    Wanna-be thriller only ends up being vomit-inducing. No, really. Plenty of shots of a bloody finger - or was it a tampon? - I think the maker(s) of this movie were deliberately & sickly vague with their representations, clumps of clotted-up hair, nasty blackened water bubbling out of a tub, copious amounts of blood spilling to the floor which need bucket upon bucket to be mopped off. As for the "story," it doesn't strive to be particularly aspirational, and could easily be a copy of the numerous such B- or C-grade Western film vignettes about a "missing wife," and a suspicious spouse (who in this case, happens to be a more than slightly repulsive professor with an equally sad-looking student, who for some inexplicable reason, cares enough to bring him "soup" while he's sick so she could seduce him into upgrading her "C-" grade). The only good about this movie: At least they didn't pan over a feces shot, 'cause, they thought of it, of that I have no doubt.


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