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Monpura (2009)

Monpura (2009)

Chanchal ChowdhuryFarhana MiliShirin AlamMohiuddin Bahar
Giasuddin Selim


Monpura (2009) is a Bengali movie. Giasuddin Selim has directed this movie. Chanchal Chowdhury,Farhana Mili,Shirin Alam,Mohiuddin Bahar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Monpura (2009) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Musical,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A housemaid is killed by a local landlord's son. His servant takes the blame for the murder, to save the landlord's mentally ill son and is marooned in an island named Monpura. There the servant comes across a fisherman's daughter.

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Monpura (2009) Reviews

  • a ordinary film of extraordinary love


    This movie is one of the greatest films Bangladesh has ever seen. While we were grimacing about bangla cinemas and their stupid stories, this movie just broke all barriers and took Bangladeshi films to the next level by introducing the people with the power of love..... The acting, direction, the places where the film was shooted is really worth of praise. The songs, THE SONGS were the best!....I loved this film and would appreciate if this type of films are created further. The story is great, the quality is good and the acting is superb!Chanchal and Farhana did a great job. Hope to see movies like this in the future too....

  • Monpura is a history maker Bengali film from Bangladesh. It has changed the history of the music in Bangladesh Film Industry


    Before watching Monpura, i didn't expect a lot from it. I liked the music before the movie released. Music was fabulous. Arnob once again proved why he is considered as one of the most meritorious musicians in Banglandesh. I should tell something about the story of the movie. It was not that much memorable to me. But yes its making, sceneries were excellent. I recommend all the Bangladeshis to watch it and promote young generation to come forward for making good movies. Though there were enough room for the movie to improve it's story. Chanchal Chowdhury (as Sonai) seemed like he was acting in a drama. Farhana Mili (Pori) was mind blowing in her character. We are expecting better movies from the same director.

  • Best Bangla Movie


    It's the best Bangla movie I have ever seen. 10 out of 10. Chanchal has acted brilliantly. So as Farhana Mili. Other characters were good too. Specially Babu. He sang some songs in his melodious voice. You can't imagine how natural they were. When Chanchal was caught, it was the most touching scene I can remember in the whole movie. Mili married the mentally retarded man. But still she remained for Chanchal. She died at the end of the movie, reminding all that true love never dies. It's a big mistake if you did not see it till now. Thanks all. I suggest all to watch this movie as soon as possible. Bangladesh has done a great job here.

  • Not all its cracked up to be


    At about Mid 2008, Bangladesh went through this amazing Movie revival, Everyone literally couldn't wait for the release of this highly anticipated movie starring Chanchal and Farhana. I guess it really didn't live up to its expectations, at least to me. To begin with the stories potential was completely lost, it was a one of a kind story but there wasn't really much of plot of character development going on. The movie was just a whole collection of one beautiful shot after another. Even though it was a love story there wasn't much of development there. Now lets go to the good bits, the imagery and obscure dream sequence towards the end was amazing. To top it up and what has probably been the saving grace for the movie was the music. Yes Arnob's music can single handedly make yous it through this movie. the classic titles like 'jao pakhi' and shonar moina paki are still alive among the crowds. Even then Monpura has proved a major movement for Bangldeshi Movie revival and has safely broken all records set by Bangladeshi movies in the last 50 years. This one's still going down in history. Good watch if you don't expect much

  • must watch movie


    It's an awesome movie which presents the traditional Bengali culture. With that, it's story line is more than awesome. Cinematography, music, direction, acting...all make it a really great movie. One of the blockbuster hit movies in the Bangladeshi film history. Those who actually don't watch Bangladeshi film, it's a good starting for them. After a long time, there's a change in movie making in Bangladesh. Hats off to Giasuddin Selim, the director of the movie. While watching it, you can enjoy the natural scenario of Bangladesh. Life in the land of river has been brought in the movie. Try this. Hope, you'll enjoy watching it.


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