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Pretty Broken (2018)

Pretty Broken (2018)

Jillian ClareTyler ChristopherStacy EdwardsPreston Bailey
Brett Eichenberger


Pretty Broken (2018) is a English movie. Brett Eichenberger has directed this movie. Jillian Clare,Tyler Christopher,Stacy Edwards,Preston Bailey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Pretty Broken (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Lindsey Lou's father has gone missing on a mountaineering expedition and she's determined to find him, only she's the least qualified for the job.

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Pretty Broken (2018) Reviews

  • its nothing


    To be honest, this was not funny at all, its a whole lot of planning to make a trip that never happens. i didnt laugh and barely made a grin of a smile on my old grumpy face, so beware its not fun.... its made on low budget, the focus puller knows his work but thats about it. the lack of good music makes it even worse to watch, so when it comes to the acting its barely on average. the main female actress though, has a very charming glow,and some of the dark brownest eyes ive seen for long, so i hope she will appear in further productions, though with a better story and plot. im sunday morning grumpy so its not recommended.

  • pretty damn impressive for.....


    No real actors but they still did a great job. the story line was unique and heart warming. If you went into this expecting a comedy like some reviewers obviously did then you will be dissapointed. If you go into this with an open mind and don't give up after 30 minutes you will be left with a pretty impressive movie with amazing cinematography and a heartwarming finish that will leave you wanting to call mom and dad. 7.2

  • Fantastic film, exceeded expectations


    I see a lot of low budget indies, so I have dubious expectations most of the time, going off mostly the trailer but sometimes not even that. In this case, I had not seen the trailer prior to watching the film. That said, I loved it! Really well done. I'm sure it was low budget since there were no real names in the cast, but it looked expensive. The script is very strong. The characters all felt like real people and the acting was terrific. Jillian was awesome, Tyler was awesome, Stacy was awesome. The music was really good. I liked the soundtrack a lot. And the sound itself was top notch. That's what made it feel big budget. But it was also shot well, felt like a confident film of an assured filmmaker. It was also funny and touching. I thought Brett and the team did a tremendous job. It really exceeded my expectations. There were some minor logic questions that made me raise an eyebrow, but nothing to stifle the enjoyment of the film. This would've been a mainstream movie if it had a movie star cast and in the heyday of Sundance (back when they accepted actually independent films), it would've been a Sundance film that people would've taken notice of. I'll be interested to see if this film catches on. I look forward to seeing the filmmaker's other films.

  • Shockingly bad.


    Who is laying reviewers to leave anything more than 1 out of 10. Slow, poor cinematography, zero humour and on and on. Just terrible.



    Simply one if the most horrific movies I've seen. So bad. Sooooo bad.

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