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Song of Lahore (2015)

Song of Lahore (2015)

Najaf AliRafiq AhmedSaleem KhanAsad Ali
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy,Andy Schocken


Song of Lahore (2015) is a Urdu,English,Punjabi movie. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy,Andy Schocken has directed this movie. Najaf Ali,Rafiq Ahmed,Saleem Khan,Asad Ali are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Song of Lahore (2015) is considered one of the best Documentary,Music movie in India and around the world.

Song of Lahore examines the lives and the cultural heritage of Pakistan's classical musicians, and asks whether there is still room for them in a society roiled by social and religious upheaval. After toiling in obscurity for years, an innovative album leads Sachal Studios to international acclaim, and a triumphant concert with Wynton Marsalis and his orchestra at Jazz at Lincoln Center. This feature length documentary by Academy Award winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Andy Schocken follows their dramatic journey, and asks if they will ever find an audience at home.


Song of Lahore (2015) Reviews

  • Classical Pakistani Music Meets American Jazz


    This documentary gets off to a slow start, but in its final two thirds it really picks up quite a bit. Initially, we learn of the travails of classical musicians, and of classical music itself, in Lahore, Pakistan once a center of music for the entire region. This is mainly attributed to the imposition of Shariah Law (where music is forbidden) decades before, and the subsequent clashes between various religious factions. However, when Izzat Majeed, the founder of Sachal Studios, in Lahore, came up with the brilliant idea of combining the classical Pakistani sounds with those of American Jazz, the results were quite amazing. Trying out this sound on some social media outlets such as YouTube, Majeed quickly found out how popular it could become. Thus, the Sachal Jazz Ensemble would travel to New York City to combine their talents with those musicians of the Jazz at Lincoln Center, led by the highly acclaimed trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis. For me, this was really the heart of the movie, the reactions of the Pakistani musicians to their NYC experience, and the final mesmerizing results of meshing all of this talent into the concert at Lincoln Center. Overall, after a slow start this documentary illustrated what the combining of musical talent and innovative thinking can result in, no matter how divergent the cultures are, or where on the globe this talent comes from. To note: there are some technical issues with the subtitles here, as the lettering is too small, leading to the constant use of my remote zoom, which can get quite annoying.

  • This unusual and beautiful documentary is like a work of poetry.


    Song of Lahore Indians and music go together like curry and roti. Unfortunately, music has been officially suppressed in some countries across our world. Lahore was once the jewel of the Punjab and the Sikh empire. The Sikhs had resisted the ferocious, rapacious, plundering Mughal hordes who had swept across much of India with fire and sword. Izzat Majeed and his comrades established Sachal studios in a brave effort to resurrect the region's traditional musical roots. This unusual and beautiful documentary is like a work of poetry. It brings together the jazz of the USA and the sitar of India. In that meeting there is a great ejaculation of audible magic and iridescence. The film documents how these musicians get together to develop their talent and how they liaise with overseas musicians. During the fascist era, anti Apartheid writers were the targets of the Neo Nazi establishment and their 007s. Co- incidentally, my first prize winning literary work was also published in New York after being turned down by South African publishers. The architecture and ambiance of Lahore contrast quite starkly with the buzz of the 9/11 city. The tragic thing about this documentary is that not many will get to see it as those who appreciate this kind of cinema are not well organised.


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