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Super (2010)

Super (2010)

UpendraNayantharaTulip JoshiSadhu Kokila


Super (2010) is a Kannada movie. Upendra has directed this movie. Upendra,Nayanthara,Tulip Joshi,Sadhu Kokila are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Super (2010) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

An NRI follows his love interest to India and ends up cleaning up the country's political system.

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Super (2010) Reviews

  • It is a futuristic cinema


    It is a futuristic cinema. Upendra takes the audience to 2030 in this film. How the Indian rule British will be he has focused in this screenplay based, technical excellence cinema. More than story the using of technology the glamor and glitz the fast pace of the film the punching dialogues are in unbeatable Upendra style. Coming to the crux of the story Subash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra) residing in London owning Gandhi and Gandhi Company the multi billionaire company immensely a true Indian falls in love with Indira (Nayanthara) hoping that she is a traditional girl. But Indira has different purpose to serve in London meeting Gandhi (Subash Chandra Gandhi is cut short to Gandhi). She is on a revenge mission. Her target is to kill Gandhi. That is because he is responsible for Mandira elder sister of Indira to reach the coma stage in life. As usual Upendra makes the audience to believe this but he has different issues to prove that the belief of Indira is wrong. After marrying Gandhi the modern outlook of Indira surface. She ditches Gandhi in the name of love and marriage. She even throws the sacred Mangalasutra from her neck on the face of Gandhi. Indira throws a challenge to Gandhi to remain an ordinary citizen in India. At this point of time she does disclose her mission. So the film moves the social issues in India. Gandhi coming to Bangalore faces the difficult task. He makes effort to solve the pensioner problem of a school teacher but fails miserably. The attitude in the society disturbs him to the hilt. When his father reaches Bangalore from London to take him back to London Gandhi takes the strong decision of residing in India and changing the fortune common man. Around this time Indira also in India hatches plot to kill Gandhi. That is not easy now. With 10 millions pounds from his father in India Gandhi starts a multinational company of Rowdies. His fixes the deal in the ultra modern style. When you feel what happened to Mandira (Tulip Joshi) who is in Coma the efforts of Gandhi make him to become a chief minister of the state. According to him CM means not Chief Minister but Common Man. After becoming the chief minister Gandhi announce that he is going to rape his wife Indira. Indira is forcibly brought to a special room. The rape attempt Gandhi makes on Indira has some other good cause in him. It is a rape in one room, sale of state in another place and in London Gandhi father is explaining that why Gandhi has taken such steps in his life. ANALYSIS: This is a colorful best cinema with extra ordinary style not missing out the substance. Every shot of this film finely chiseled by Upendra and he shows the ample time and money is extended to him the wonders are possible. Upendra in his come back has gone ahead. The thought of 2030 India is something notable. The first half is itself a Paisa Vasool. The second half is a bonus. The film never misses on the entertainment front. The capturing of scenes and its hard hitting style is the need of the hour. The audience tucked in front of the television sets should come and watch this kind cinema after the rush in the theatres calm down. The film is crowded with people on the screen in almost every scene. The magnificent style is what brings the repeated audience for this film. Upendra belong to the category of not saying but doing. This is what he kept up from the day of launch of the film. He never left a clue on the contents of his film. Perhaps he had the fever of boasting would result in wrong complications and interpretations. This is the style of Upendra after 10 years he has groomed up and his courage to say something startling to the society. At many places Upendra sharp dialogues the ironical style of addressing the public at large is most wanted for out society. The recent three months happening in the politics of Karnataka is very much evident in the film. The horse trading of the government Upendra wishes to call as donkey trading. The issue of another political personality Halappa is also tucked in the screenplay. In the beginning Upendra referring to 2030 of India for first ten minutes is silently narrated. It is only after he comes on the screen the grandeur, bash, crowd, dialogues, style all come together. The film 'Super' that was announced as a symbol title has perfect relevance. It points to every individual of this country. Every one should love his nation, people and surroundings in a 'Super' style is the under current of this film.


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