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Blood Hunt (2017)

Blood Hunt (2017)

Dean KirkrightKahli WilliamsThomas RoachBenjamin Denmeade
Sam Curtain


Blood Hunt (2017) is a English movie. Sam Curtain has directed this movie. Dean Kirkright,Kahli Williams,Thomas Roach,Benjamin Denmeade are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Blood Hunt (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Everything seems uneventful for Dean and Claire, as they head out into beautiful rural Australia for a weekend away. Their biggest problem is what to do about Claire being accepted into an interstate University. The couple come across Knuck and things start to spiral out of control. Heath and Jarred only stoke the fire and both Claire and Dean's greatest fears are made reality.


Blood Hunt (2017) Reviews

  • Blood Hunt


    SPOILER: What could be better than a weekend in the country with the love of your life? How about a weekend in the country with a little sadism, rape and murder thrown in? "Blood Hunt" starts off very slowly but soon deteriorates into a senseless gorefest when our hero and his lady run into a group of ne'er-do-wells who take them captive after a car chase. She is raped and he is nearly murdered. The bad guys are not simply bad but dumb, because they keep letting them escape. The final escape does not go well because half-way to the nearest hospital and police station - probably a few hundred miles in this part of Australia - she realises how badly she is wounded. He doesn't, because if any normal man had been subjected to what he has been through, he would be half-dead by now, but somehow he manages to...so what's a guy to do after his good lady dies in his arms? You guessed, the only thing possible: revenge. The soundtrack to this film is reasonable, but when you've said that, you've said it all. In recent years, the Australians have produced not a few films in this vein. Sadly, most of them suck. Certainly this one does.

  • Got a light?


    Dean (Dean Kirkright) and Claire (Kahli Williams) head out for a weekend only to become the toys and captives of some small town yokels who have the proverbial remote junkyard. The film opens with a back and white rape as if it was shot from a head cam. Why? I don't know. Nothing else is found footage, which is a good thing, but doesn't prevent this Redbox offering from being a complete disaster. I was really bored having to listen an entire song while they drove the country side without talking. Doesn't add anything to the genre. Guide: F-word. Rape. No nudity.

  • One hour and eighteen minutes i've thrown away


    So far from being anywhere close to what a good horror/thriller/survivor-movie should have. I really don't like being negative about low budget movies, but they usually have a deeper respect for filmmaking then the average Hollywood movies. And that's why i love indyfilms,, because they usually push the boundaries. And this is what we see in they're films. A will to make they're stories. This has absolutely none of that spark at all. Just a idiotic plot to show meaningless violence and a poorly directed rape. And the violence is not even horrible. The bad guys are so horrible actors that the whole thing is more laughable then horrifying. And it's never a good idea to rip off movies like "Wolf Creek" and "Eden Lake" just because you make films in Australia. The fact that it's so obvious puts more focus on the badness of the film. Boring violence isn't enough to make a film shocking. You also need a decent story, actors, cameratechnic, editing and a lot more. Check out "Storm Warning" and the others i mentioned if you're looking for good Aussie-films. ET...

  • Put some more ketchup on my face


    Blood Hunt is a low budget movie and it just shows. Not the acting though, that was actually okay, it could have been much worse. But the story, even if it's just the classic you-do-me-and-my-girl-wrong-and-now-i-take-revenge, was just poorly executed. It's all not believable at all how easily they can escape a couple of times, the killing and so on. On top of that the wounds they have are just a joke, it all looked so fake and you can't blame a low budget on that because if you had a decent make-up artist it would have looked all different. And that's not an expensive cost, to find a good make-up artist. I saw much better revenge movies than Blood Hunt so don't waste your time with this one.

  • Good enough.


    Don't get the negative reviews? It is what it is, and for what it is... 'a low budget bloodbath revenge movie' it hits the mark. Well enough acted and decently paced. OK it might not be 'Citizen Kane' or 'The Whisperers', but if you're in the mood for a quick and to the point piece of violent retribution, then this movie fits the bill splendidly. 8/10 for me.


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