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Jaatishwar (2014)

Jaatishwar (2014)

Prasenjit ChatterjeeJisshu SenguptaSwastika MukherjeeMamata Shankar
Srijit Mukherji


Jaatishwar (2014) is a Bengali movie. Srijit Mukherji has directed this movie. Prasenjit Chatterjee,Jisshu Sengupta,Swastika Mukherjee,Mamata Shankar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Jaatishwar (2014) is considered one of the best Biography,Drama,History,Musical movie in India and around the world.

The plot refers to the life of Anthony Firingee (Hensman Anthony), a 19th-century Bengali language folk poet of Portuguese origin. Also, the plot has two different time periods-19th century and the present day (2013). The protagonist of the film is Rohit, a Gujarati who falls in love with a Bengali woman named Mahamaya. As he goes to study colonial history in Portugal, he decides to study the life of Heynsman Anthony (known as Anthony firingi) and in the process meets with a mysterious man Kushawl Hajra in Chandernagore.


Jaatishwar (2014) Reviews

  • Awesome


    So beautifully crafted movie with an amazing story line and the music is just that you will listen, listen and listen. Hats off to the whole team who created this masterpiece. Bangla cinema is back and back with a bang and vengeance. I watched this movie 8 times from the day it got released and believe me every time I go to a journey that is so soulful and touching to your hearts. Maybe I sound crazy but this movie had made me bonkers to love the story to the extent that you just fall in love with it. A great movie by Srijitda. Hats off for compiling the stars around this movie so beautifully and Kabir Suman, no words speechless.

  • A musical whose memories will stay for a long time to come...


    Maybe I'm biased, but coming straight to the point, this is Srijit Mukherji's best film till date. And that ought to tell you enough since some of his earlier films were ones that changed the entire face of mainstream Bangla cinema. To be very honest, when I first saw the trailer of Jaatishwar I was slightly unsure of whether this would be as good as the director's previous works... But having watched the film, I m awestruck. I feel enriched musically and also as a Bangali... A wonderful film... A musical journey worth cherishing... Its a complete film, with brilliant cinematography and a script that celebrates our language... On the acting front Prosenjit Chatterjee delivers yet another epic performance... Jishu, Swastika, Abir, Mamata Shankar all are very good... But the winner here is the music... When a film is labelled as a musical of memories, the director had to ensure the music justifies the label... And who else than Kabir Suman to pull this one off... Absolutely brilliant work... Thanks Srijit Mukherji for yet another fantastic film... A movie like this deserves no less than 10... You forget all cinematic clichés, the little inconsistencies here and there and the only thing that remains with you as you leave the theatre is one good feeling of having watched a new milestone being set in Bangla cinema... And of course the proud feeling of being a Bangali...

  • A Beautiful Musical Journey Centuries Apart


    When I started watching Jaatishwar, it did not strike me. It appeared dull, without any strong story line and probably a disappointment. Things started changing when Rohit (the lovelorn Gujrati guy who by now had left Kolkata to study Portuguese Colonial history in Humbolt Univeristy - my my !!) meets Kushal who recalls himself as Hensman Anthony reborn (and he indeed is)! Little is known about Anthony Firingi who was born a Portuguese and adopted colonial Bengal as his home. He earned quite a bit of popularity as a poet and singer in the Bengali language during the early 19th Century. I don't know how much historically correct the account of the life of Anthony Firingi shown in the movie is, but the brilliance with which the stories of two different times are intertwined in the story telling is highly commendable. Especially the way the Kobi-r Lodai (Poet Duel) between Anthony and Bhola Moira mixes with a contemporary rock concert is memorable. Overall the movie takes you through a journey of ages together, a journey of passion, poetry, devotion, music, love, desires and forgiveness. The music by Kabir Suman is probably the biggest strength which presents two different times in perfect harmony and melody. Sir, you simply rock!

  • A periodic Bengali Musical - Class Apart


    Jatishwar - The best possible start of a year Tollywood can expect. Surely Srijit's best work till date. The style of linking that old KOBIGAAN with today's BAND Performances, the way of using skip scene to relate between very two different generation of Bengali Music was just marvelous. Apart from those aspect ,maintaining a proper storyline with some subtle emotion and a sublime love story - he deserves accolades for that. About acting everybody was good to their part.Jishu looks and acts beautifully.But when Prosenjit is there and decided 2 act it is hard 2 notice anything else. Top notch performance by our own Bumba DA, it is at per with Moner Manush,Autograph,22e Shrabon if not something more. Now comes DA best part of this movie - Kabir Suman. Credit goes to Srijit to let him explore the Bengali music at his own will. Suman almost played with Bengali Music in this film. One moment we are in 18th century Kobigaan asor with Vola Moyra and within a blink we come down to psychedelic rock of Sidhu,Rupam. Total 22 song in this film and it finishes with "E Tumi kemon tumi" and "Jatiswar". It wouldn't be possible by any other person apart from Suman. A treat to watch. A musical journey. A nostalgic representation of Bengali Music.

  • "A wonderfully done fusion of the lifestyles from past and present, from history to fiction."


    Jaatishwar is a Bengali musical romantic drama. The plot mainly environs around the life of Hensman Anthony, a Bengali language folk poet. As the story traffics forward we get to know about the life stories of the other characters which were somewhat related to Anthony Firingee. There are many twists and turns in the story which I won't reveal for keeping the mysteries intact. I must say I am completely in love with the narration style of the entire flick with the magnificent melodies in between. Simply a prodigious director can depict the two periods running in parallel, the past and the present to pull the resemblances in between which makes the audience go awestruck. Acting: This flick is actually the one of the best performances of Prosenjit Chatterjee. He conveys such a power-packed act in both the roles especially the character of Kushal Hazra is simply outstanding. No will dare to take a role in which individuals will start compare him for laying himself in Uttam Kumar's shoes. Jishu Sengupta has done a respectable job. Even I adored Swastika Mukherjee's role. Talking about the other credited casts we have Abir Chatterjee, Rahul Arunoday Banerjee, Mamata Shankar who are really good in their roles. I loved Ananya Chatterjee as Joggeshwari, it is short and stunning. Direction: As I said before only a great director can portray such a wonderful narration. Though some scenes are a bit slow still it will not affect the entire film for sure. He has taken the best cast and best man for music and added his own ingredient and made it into a musical masterpiece. Srijit Mukherji's best after Baishe Srabon,for me. Music: one word, Outstanding! It's a Kabir Suman show. Even the BGM by Indraadip Das Gupta adds a new feel to the movie. Cinematography and Editing: Soumik Halder and Bodhaditya Banerjee - Sadhu Sadhu !!! Verdict: I am really sad to see the empty seats of theaters. Please go watch #Jaatishwar. A must watch for all Bengalis, especially those who thinks it's a curse or do not feel proud for being the same. 4/5


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