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Jalaibee (2015)

Jalaibee (2015)

Danish TaimoorAli SafinaWiqar Ali KhanZhalay Sharhadi
Yasir Jaswal


Jalaibee (2015) is a Urdu movie. Yasir Jaswal has directed this movie. Danish Taimoor,Ali Safina,Wiqar Ali Khan,Zhalay Sharhadi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Jalaibee (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Jalaibee's story revolves around two friends Billu and Bugga who get tangled up in a debt with the local mafia called The Unit. As they look for ways to pay the debt before The Unit comes to collect, they find out they are in deeper waters than they thought. At the same time another man Ali, along with his partner Jimmy, wants revenge and has the intentions to kidnap and kill the Mafia lord known as The King. The King's front man Dara is caught between collecting the debt and handling the kidnapping while retaining fear and control over the city.


Jalaibee (2015) Reviews

  • Jalaibee is awesome!


    Jalaibee is a blessing in an industry plagued by B.S. films. Still our people choose to complain and perform leg pulling at which they are the best. Jalaibee is shot beautifully, the story is fast paced and witty and leaves you hanging and the climax is brilliant as well as tragic at the same time. You feel yourself connected to the characters especially Bunno, Billu and the brilliant Bugga. The direction and camera work is brilliant and the decision to use the ARRI Alexa camera has highly paid off. So get as fast as u can to the nearest cinema and watch and support this film and Pakistani Cinema!

  • Sweet Jalaibee.


    After seeing the OK 2013 Lollywood Action Thriller Waar,I was pleased to hear that another mainstream Lollywood film was being made.With the last news that I had read about the movie being that it was having facing serious cash troubles during production,I was shocked to receive a call from a friend a few days ago,who revealed to me that Jalaibee was going to come out in 3 days time!,which led to me getting ready to take a bite of Jalaibee. The plot: Getting caught up with owing a large debt to underworld gang The Unit,best friends Billu and Bugga decide that the only way they can repay their debt is if they enter the world of dirty money themselves.Whilst the pals casts their eyes across the city for cash,a recent election has led to talks of a coalition running the country,which leads to a powerful underworld leader deciding to kidnap a leading politician,in order to get his hands on some sweet cash. View on the film: Despite Pakistan being an extremely conservative (big C) country,the screenplay by writer/director Yasir Jaswal takes a rather daring approach in unleashing a bleak Neo-Noir world,with Jaswal delving into the dirty political games of the country's leaders,and the burning hot strip clubs,brothels and gambling houses that the country's underworld leaders plan their next attacks.Named after the popular Middle Eastern sweet Jalebi,Jaswal delivers each twist in the plot with a precise manner,which leads to a superb,down-beat ending.Starting the title with the criminal and politician threads at a distance,Jaswal gradually criss-crosses the two sides,as money & power stars to seep in and corrupt both worlds. For Billu and Bugga rise to power in the underworld,director Yasir Jaswal and cinematographer Mo Azmi use neon reds and smoking yellows to create a simmering murky atmosphere.Blending into Billu & Bugga's underworld,Jaswal and Azmi give the decaying political world an elegant crystal clarity,which gets punctured with expertly handled,ultra-stylised slow motion flashes across the screen,which strike the movies darkest moments with a real force. Entering the title as a loyal team, Danish Taimoor and Ali Safina both give great performances as Billu and Bugga,with Taimoor and Safina giving the relationship a comedic playfulness which gradually fractures,as Billu and Bugga find cold hard cash to sink them both into a ruthless Neo-Noir world.Striding across the screen in a slick suit, Wiqar Ali Khan gives a very good performance as Ali,thanks to Khan peeling away Ali's ladies' man charms,to reveal a brutal Film Noir loner,who has his eyes permanently fixed on gaining power,as Ali takes a bite out of a tongue-twisting piece of Jalaibee.

  • A wonderful film


    Jalaibee was a fun experience, a film that had everything. A crime caper interweaving around three different stories that meet at the climax. More of a pulp fiction style but considerably less gritty. It had humour action and a perfect ending with a very wise message that short cut in life leads to ruin. I am not going to give any further details however I would thoroughly recommend this movie if you want to be entertained. The visuals were stunning and with great camera work. The background score was great and so were the few songs in the movie. The only negatives were the little wooden acting by Wiqar Ali a Khan which is understandable as his first language is not Urdu and he mainly spoke in English.

  • Ye dunya hai ik Jalaibee


    Jalaibee is undoubtedly the best movie to come out of Pakistan. It tells us that there are no shortcuts in life and shows how greed can destroy the closest of relationships. The ability of the movie to be an entertainer and still delivering a message is quite brilliant. The direction and the cinematography is inspirational. The soundtrack is great as well. The background score, being good mostly, fazes out in places into something that fails to connect with the scenes. But we cant judge a movie on the score only. Ali Safina is the star of the show. His acting is so good that one can completely relate to whatever situation he finds himself in. The other star of the show is Mr. Yasir Jaswal himself. Overall I'll give it 10/10. A great effort by Mr. Jaswal. Well done!

  • A Movie worth watching


    Everyone wants to be respected and appreciated for their work and God knows there are people in this world who don't deserve it. But there are very few people who have the courage to dream and follow it, last night I witnessed just another great movie from lolly wood Wish best of luck to ARYfilms for making such a good entertaining movie I request everyone to go see the film at least once as it is truly a proud moment for Pakistan and no one deserve more respect and appreciation than the team of JALAIBEE. I wish the momentum of this type of movies carry on The people who deserve special mention are the young and upcoming actors and the script writer, This surely will mark the start of revival of Pakistani cinema.


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