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The System (2014)

The System (2014)

Kashaf AliNadeem BaigEjaz Hussain BugtiShafqat Cheema
Shahzad Ghufoor


The System (2014) is a Urdu,English movie. Shahzad Ghufoor has directed this movie. Kashaf Ali,Nadeem Baig,Ejaz Hussain Bugti,Shafqat Cheema are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. The System (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The story is about a lower middle class boy Haider Ali who is the son of a Pesh Imam. He is in love with his neighborhood girl Sara. Haider's uncle is a normal government officer who do not consider taking bribe as a sin. Haider gets hooked by the local SHO in a mob firing case. Ultimately after getting away with this case Haider's life has taken a drastic change. Haider now see the bigger and bitter picture of the current system, and how it effects everybody. He decides to do something about this system and in the run his education, family, friends & love is on stake.


The System (2014) Reviews

  • Great movie but minor flaw


    I watched "The system" today in Karachi. Really great movie. Must watch. Great dialogues and full of humor. Super acting by Cheema and Co. Cheema really stole the show. I really had a great time, no a single dull moment. Plus, songs were super, super awesome especially " Aa re Aa" sung by Javed Ali and Komal Rizvi. Only flaw is, main hero could work on his acting skills more. Or a better hero could be hired for playing the lead role. Cinema was full packed. Overall, 7 rating from 10 from me.

  • Great movie


    I enjoyed watching the movie, the cast were amazing in it! Go Wassim Hawat -great upcoming action thriller actor. His parts in the movies keep getting better!!.

  • Great work with low budget


    Watched the movie and I must admit it is superb piece of great direction and story-writing and dialogues. The corruption found in our society and miss use of power and authority is portrayed very well. The movie only lacks behind because of low budget and publicity. The plus point is that company has uploaded the movie for free on youtube. The main lead role actor was not good enough at his acting skills. I think the reason behind this is also low budget. Since Pakistani cinema turned a new leaf, this is the first movie with great music and songs especially Aa Re Aa and Sayyon Re. We need this type of movies showcasing our social, moral and political problems instead of karachi se lahore,jawani phir nahi aani and wrong number etc like stupid movies which have no purpose at all. Alas! one of the recent movie of this type Maalik is banned by our hypocrite politicians. They couldn't digest their true face being showed on screen.

  • i like this movie so much


    I like this movies so much i recently watch on you-tube and its amazing its a truth system of Pakistan how are politicians how is police and the mafia how they make a black money how they use pure people and enjoy rich peoples how they kill innocent peoples and front of the news they put innocent but they are actually enjoying and make black money easily There is a lots of fight as well how the police man who is villain become a dog and say every time to him boss sir sir sir loll its so funny movie as well The Creator of the police man i really like it. And i just want to say I Love This Movie So much Before watching first time i like any Pakistani movie.

  • Below average


    A Pakistani film has made it to the cinemas after a long time since Waar released last year. The System is about corruption in the country which goes from the lowest level to the highest. The story is run-of-the mill which sees clichéd dialogs and incredibly weak acting by the male lead. Haider Ali (Sheraz) is the son of a pious imam. When he sees rampant corruption by the local SHO Cheema (Shafqat Cheema), he decides to join the police force to become a part of the system and to cleanse it. The acting by Cheema, Nayyer Ejaz and Nadeem Baig was good. These veterans can hold their own in front of the camera in front of any actor. However, Sheraz, the débutant, was forgettable. The lad has a decent body, but his dialog delivery was cringe worthy and not a single moment of his performance was worth remembering. The direction also lacked in several aspects as Shehzad Ghafoor took a long time to establish simple facts in the first half. The songs were average and so were the action scenes. Some of the extras were hilarious. Reminded me of the low-budget B grade Punjabi films of the past. All in all, a very weak effort.


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